Monday, July 25, 2011

Power Precision Cordless Screwdriver Review

Today we are comparing two popular power precision cordless screwdrivers. Power precision screwdrivers are a very convenient tool to own whether you are a professional, an enthusiastic DIYer or just like to be handy around the house. Anyone fits into these categories, I think. Power precision cordless screwdrivers are perfect for super-delicate tasks. Think, hobbies, crafts and electronic and computer repairs made easy and quick with the use of this tiny screwdriver. Of course for more dutiful tasks, everyone should also have a good regular cordless screwdriver.

So first, lets talk about the General Tools 500 Cordless Ultra Tech Power Precision Screwdriver:

General Tools Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver's 100+ RPM motor features forward and reverse controls, and the quick-change chuck allows for effortless swapping between 1/8-Inch Slotted, Phillips and Torx bits - making it practically a 6 tool in one. The ergonomic design of the handle allows for various grip positions (the best being a pen like grip for ultimate control and natural feel) to accommodate many different working projects. With a 100 rpm super-torque drive motor that allows a minimum of 10 hours of use with one set of AAA batteries, which are included.

In comparison, the Blue-Point ETPR9 Pocket Rocket 9-volt Mini Screwdriver:

Also great for precision tasks, this screwdriver has 150 rpm motor, a 5 in-lb torque but 69 in-lb max manual torque, includes three bits (Phillips small and medium and a medium flat head), and a 9 volt battery. It features forward and reverse controls and the handle allows for storage of extra bits and battery.

Which do I prefer? I would have to say the General Tool Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver, right? Simply based on the design of the tool. They both compare in power (with presicion tasks, sometimes less is more), but the General Tool one looks so much easier to handle. Although it's nice to store your extra bits in the tool you are using, it makes for a bulky handle. Speaking of bits, you get more with the General Tool screwdriver than with the Blue-Point one. The price is also comparable - so I would definitely go for the General Tool Power Precision Screwdriver. I think it could become a very valued and useful member of your tool box or tool belt.

One bit of advice incase you are thinking of investing in a power precision cordless screwdriver or getting one as a gift for someone: Even though it's fun to get the most power out of our power tools, do not use either of these screwdrivers in full power mode to completely drive in a screw. The motors are quite powerful for such small tools and delicate tasks and you will run the risk of striping threads or the screw. Right before the end, turn it off and finish manually - much safer.

'Till next time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dewalt cordless screwdriver review

You might have heared of the Dewalt DW920K 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver before...It is definitely a serious tool. I recommend that you also check out other Dewalt cordless screwdriver reviews besides this one before making a decision to buy it. This review is purely my oppion and might not represent yours.

If you have checked on or other online shops you would see how many different cordless screwdrivers there are. They start at about 20 bucks and go up to around 100 to 120. The Dewalt DW920K is in the upper region of the price range. On it is about 100 dollars, so you can probably imagine that this tool is intended for serious users. If you are looking for a simple tool to replace your manual screwdriver, then I would not recommend spending that much.

People, like me, who love to use tools and need them on a regular basis, should consider something more heavy-duty. This Dewalt cordless screwdriver, in my opinion, is the answer for such people. I constantly have something to work on around the house, and a cordless drill is not always ideal. Sometimes you need some finesse when fastening small screws and a drill is just too bulky and too powerful. Unlike the bulk of cordless screwdrivers on the market, the Dewalt is very well made and will withstand lots of abuse. This is where you will get bang for your buck! The extra 50 dollars will get you a tool that last at least 5 times as long as a 30 dollar tool. I have had my tool for many years now and it still looks and works like a brand new one. A friend of mine bought a cheaper Black and Decker model around the same time, and he had to get a new one since then.

I am not going to get into the specs of the tool because you can easily check that out on the Dewalt website. All I’m going to say is that it won’t let you down in any situation. Of course it’s not as powerful as a drill, but it’s also not meant to be. If you need to drill large holes in hard material, don’t bother using the cordless screwdriver; it’s not designed for that.

Again, go check out some other Dewalt cordless screwdriver reviews before you make up your mind. Just keep the big picture in mind and you will realize that this tool is the best value you can get.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cordless screwdrivers: read some reviews and buy one!

I am recommending that everyone on the internet should get themselves a cordless screwdriver. These little tools are such a blessing for people who occasionally need to assemble some furniture, hand up pictures and shelves, or anything else that requires light screw fastening or drilling. I want to get the word out about cordless screwdrivers because I think that most people aren’t even aware that they exist. I for sure didn’t know about them before I did some research on the internet and stumble on them. It is actually quite funny that I was content with using my manual screwdrivers because I thought that the only other way to do it was to use a drill. Obviously I didn’t want that since they are way too bulky and powerful to screw in a small screw. Not to mention a drill’s excessive weight that would kinda defeat the purpose of switching from a manual screwdriver. After all, it’s about making the job easier and more pleasant – and weight is an important factor.

After reading a lot of cordless screwdriver reviews and product descriptions, it was clear to me that most models didn’t weigh much more than those manual screwdrivers with the bit stored in the handle. Many even have the feature of angling the handle to make it easier to reach tough spots. Here are some that were on my buying short-list:

The Black and Decker PD600 cordless screwdriver

What I liked most about this tool was that it is really cheap while still being fairly powerful with a 6 volt battery. It has a dual speed setting to give you the option of easily drilling holes at a fast speed and fastening screws at slower speeds. The speed can further be controlled with the 23 position clutch. Also, it has a handle that can be locked at three different angles for access to tight areas. Another neat feature is the integrated light so you can always perfectly see what you are doing. The downside to this cordless screwdriver is that it is a bit big, and the plastic casing is not very strudy.

The Dewalt DW920K 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver

This tool is just hardcore! You can throw this thing around and it wouldn’t budge. It is made of very strong plastic and metal parts so you’ll never have to worry about damaging it. It also has a lot of power with its 500 RPM and 80 in./lbs. of torque motor, powered by a 7.2 volt battery. This obviously comes at a price – the DW920K is about three times the price of the Black and Decker PD600. For many people the Dewalt is too much, but if you like good quality products, then this is the cordless screwdriver for you.

The Milwaukee 4 volt lithium ion cordless screwdriver

This tool is really cool because it runs on lithium ion batteries. Most cordless screwdrivers run on NiCad batteries, which is an older technology. Lithium ions provide longer run times and longer battery life. The tool itself is also very nice with its two speed 600 RPM max. motor. The build quality also comes pretty close to that of the Dewalt DW920K.

There are many more models to choose from, so I suggest that you read the best cordless screwdriver reviews to see for yourself. I recommend going to since they sell a lot of them, and the product pages often have some informative customer reviews. They usually have the best prices tool. I hope that you will also enjoy the many benefits of a cordless screwdriver in the near future.